Industries are crucial to the economies of modern societies and an indispensable motor of growth. They are necessary for developing countries like India, to enhance development base and meet growing needs.  Many essential human needs can only be met through goods and services provided by industries. Industries extract materials from the natural resource base and insert both products and pollution into the human environment. They have the power to enhance or degrade the environment. Industrialization to achieve economic development has resulted in global environmental degradation.The challenge and opportunity before us today is to begin to think of development through the lens of environmental health.  The environment is a primary concern, not an afterthought. We know the impact and the consequences of our development model. As we continue to connect in new ways, we must also reconnect to Earth.


The undeniable truth is that we continue to do great damage to the planet, and that we haven’t learned how to grow our economy without harming nature.  If we continue to produce, consume and power our lives the way we do right now, forests, oceans and weather systems will be overwhelmed and collapse. Unsustainable agriculture, fisheries, infrastructure projects, mining and energy are leading to unprecedented biodiversity loss and habitat degradation, overexploitation, pollution and climate change. While their impacts are increasingly evident in the natural world, the consequences on people and businesses are real too.

            Our website identifies and quantifies the environmental consequences of industrial growth, including the use of clean technologies and environmentally sound production techniques, with special reference to the developing world. We must envision a clean and healthy environment and strive together united to achieve this goal.

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