Description of our Community

Jaykaypur, once a small hamlet has now grown to a well developed industrial area with the emergence of JK Paper Mills. Adjacent to the industrial town of Rayagada, it is a jewel in the crown along with the nearby industries like UTKAL Alumina, IMFA (Indian Metals and Ferro Alloys), and Vedanta Alumina etc.

The peaceful atmosphere, the scenic beauty of this place, the ethnic tribes with their age old customs (The Dongria Kandha, Soura) attracts people from far and wide to witness heaven so closely that they are reluctant to leave this place. Moreover, the industrial culture of this place, railway connectivity to all the metro cities of India, has prompted this place to an edge of development and prosperity. Hence this place gives an opportunity to the young achievers to envision their dreams and realise them. It has so many diversities that the place may be called a Mini India. People from various regions of India live together united in one industrial neighbourhood This diverse community and their culture along-with an array of experienced teaching staff from different corners of India made Lakshmipat Singhania Public School, the best ever school of Rayagada District of Odisha.

JK Paper Mills
JK Paper Mills

Summary of our Project

Save Industry and nature
Save Industry Save Nature

We the pupil of LAKSHMIPAT SINGHANIA PUBLIC SCHOOL aim to deliver wisdom about the waste management in our ambiance through this website. Today no community is backward, all are developing. And in such communities, industries are indispensable developers.

But with the developing industries of developing communities, waste production is swelling with the expanding development. The enterprise JK Paper Mills has made every effort to minimize the influence of industrial wastes produced by it. Such an enterprise would surely be a sterilizer for the desolated environment.

Wastes can be of solid, liquid, or gas and each type has different methods of disposal and management. Several wastes produced in the mill and the surrounding households are also disposed off properly which also add to the efforts of JK Paper mills and in turn to its good deeds. It is a matter of great pride to conduct a research on home-ground.

Problems we had to Overcome

The time to work on our project started to coincide with the period of our annual examination and so we had little time in our hand. As a result, we could not give our complete attention and effort towards this project. This was one of the major problems that we had to sort out. In addition to this, we could not get enough guidance from our teachers as they were also engaged in the evaluation of answer scripts of the examination. Also there was a limit to the number of computers having internet access which decelerated our task. Another obstacle in our process was we had no access to the machinery of JK Paper Mill due to the annual shutdown. But luckily we could have a visit to the sewage treatment plant of the company. As we were out of time we had to devote some extra time for our research work. And ‘struggle’ was the obvious word to get our success.


Annual Examination

Our project Sound Bite

Environment with waste is like a candle in water… To light the candle we need to dispose off the water. Similarly, if we want our mother earth to be clean and green we need to weed out all the virulent wastes. JK Paper Mills has left no stone unturned to diminish the consequences of generation of heaps of industrial waste.

Our project can be a guiding source for the upcoming industries to implement proper waste management system. Moreover, gaining knowledge about waste management will be highly beneficial to many students and youngsters may be at present or in the future.

How did your activities and research for this Cyber Fair Project support standards, required coursework and curriculum standards?

Our Cyberfair project addresses about the waste management in J.K. Paper mill which comes under the category of "Environmental Awareness And Issues ".The standard focus of our project is :

  • Waste management of the sewage produced by the paper mill.

  • It helped us  to know about new concepts , increase our thinking skills ,  how to work in groups ,how to do web designing , how to do research.

  • During this project  juniors and seniors worked together with a good collaboration, there was a good exchange of ideas and interests and took a collective decision.

  • To understand specific ideas we interacted with each other, went to the waste management plant of the paper mill, had a talk with the workers and staff and we surfed on internet.

  • Project  consists of various issues of pollution ,types of pollution , how can we treat it, what type of toxic substances are produced by the paper industries ,etc. This was a supplement to our previous knowledge of environmental issues which we had learnt earlier in our subjects.

  • We are staying since long in this locality but we didn't know what type of waste was actually produced in the paper mill but due to this project we came to know about it and how to treat it. Also we came to know how to treat the waste produced in our locality.

  • To promote a sense of awareness among the locals and the students of our school we organized rallies, planted many saplings, started swachhta pakhwada, etc.

  • Yes , it is  very effective learning and teaching through internet as compared to traditional methods because it is not only confined to our school but entire world can know what are our ideas and views about the environment and how to prevent its degradation since years .

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